Our expert Edinburgh based criminal lawyers can help with all aspects of your defence. We are available 24/7 and provide:

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  • Guidance On Eligibility For legal Aid;
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Criminal Defence Lawyers Edinburgh

Crimes in Scotland include the following:-Criminal Defence

Charged by the Police?

If you have been charged with an offence in Scotland it is essential to get sound legal advice from a top criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Our expert defence solicitors & criminal lawyers can help with all aspects of the criminal process including:

  • Detention at a Police Station
  • Police Interviews
  • Bail Undertakings
  • Custody Attendance
  • Court Hearings
  • Fixed Penalties

Criminal Defences under Scots Law

Defences that might be pled include the concepts of self-defence, alibi, insanity or diminished responsibility. Scottish solicitors can advise on whether any of these defences may be relevant to the case and whether they may lead to a reduced sentence or, if they are complete defences, free the accused from any criminal liability.

Criminal Procedure and Scottish Courts

Criminal defence practitioners advise clients on any criminal law or criminal procedure queries they may have including fixed penalties, extradition, custody attendance, assistance with police interviews, preparation of defences and criminal procedure and potential outcomes arising from a criminal charge for any of the above types of criminal liability.

In addition to advising whether or not a client qualifies for Legal Aid, a criminal defence solicitor is qualified to represent the accused in the Courts of Scotland and advise on possible criminal sentences.

Specialist advice is given by criminal defence solicitors on any form of criminal procedure such as questioning, detention or arrest by the police.

Following the recent case of Cadder v Her Majesty’s Advocate everyone detained on suspicion of having committed a crime in Scotland is entitled to legal representation by a Scottish lawyer during police interview or other questioning; otherwise, it may be a breach of the detainee’s human rights.

Scottish solicitors can act in District Courts, Sheriff Courts and the High Courts in Edinburgh and Glasgow, whether through summary procedure involving a judge sitting without a jury, or through solemn procedure involving more serious crimes where the judge sits with a jury composed of 15 jurors.

If a criminal case goes to trial in Scotland, a not proven verdict will mean that the accused will be acquitted, which is the equivalent of a not guilty verdict. Even if the accused is found guilty, Scottish lawyers can act on behalf of the accused to present a plea in mitigation to try to persuade the sheriff to reduce the severity of the sentence due to mitigating factors.

Access to Legal Aid - Legal Aid Lawyers Edinburgh

As solicitors we are regulated by the Law Society of Scotland and we are registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board as a law firm eligible to provide legal aid.

We can help you determine whether you are entitled to Legal Aid and are happy to offer a free initial consultation no matter what your circumstances might be.

Many people who are in employment still qualify for Legal Aid.

24 Hour Access

Our Edinburgh criminal law solicitors are available 24 hours per day to ensure that you can access representation in emergency situations. As criminal lawyers you can be assured that we treat all enquiries in the strictest confidence.

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