The Parole Board for Scotland has recently published its Annual Report 2010-11, which reveals that out of 606 determinate sentence prisoners whose cases were referred to the Board, 170 were recommended for release on parole.

The reports also shows that:

Chairman of the Board, Sandy Cameron CBE, said: "Public safety is the Parole Board's number one consideration. Once again I believe that the information in this year's report shows that the decisions we take are based upon considered judgement.”

He went on to say that: "The vast majority of those released on parole abide by their licence conditions and stay on the right side of the law, but it will be noted that there is a continuing increase year on year in the number of extended sentence prisoners who have been recalled as a result of breaching their licence conditions. There is little information as to why, but this is a matter which would benefit from detailed research so that we can learn more about why a minority find the transition back into the community difficult."