The Scottish Court Service (SCS) has announced that 45 cars have been targeted nationwide during the past two months, as part of its measures to collect unpaid fines.

In addition to clamping cars, the SCS can approach employers to deduct money from wages; contact banks to freeze savings or collect payment directly from benefits.

The fines, which ranged from £45 to more than £1000, were imposed for a variety of offences including not having a TV licence, traffic violations and vandalism.

A recent report shows that, overall, fines collection is at its highest rate ever in Scotland. The figures reveal that 90% of the value of sheriff court fines imposed over a three year period from 2008 to 2011 has either been paid or is on track to be paid through instalments.

Most fines, including parking or police tickets, can be paid online. Only fines which involve the endorsement of a driving licence with penalty points cannot be paid electronically including some police traffic tickets and penalties issued by the Safety Camera Partnerships for speeding or running a red light.